Stay Compliant with Reliable Grease Trap Services

Greasecycle® helps your restaurant avoid blockages and backups by providing affordable grease trap cleaning & pumping services on an automatic schedule based on your specific needs & compliance requirements. As a full-service provider, we’re able to haul material to our facility where 100% of the grease, water, and food particles are recycled, either processed into compost or feedstock for biofuel. Our grease trap services are available for restaurants, schools, nursing homes, industrial facilities, and a wide variety of commercial food establishments.


The Greasecycle Difference

We Do The Job Right

When a professionally trained Greasecycle technician services your grease trap, all grease and food solids, whether you have a small indoor interceptor or a large underground outdoor grease trap, will be thoroughly removed for processing. We pride ourselves on doing the job right with minimal disruption to your business which means scheduling your services during off-hours.

We Reduce Liability

Our automated scheduling system helps ensure that your business stays in compliance with current regulations and our detailed manifests are left behind for your records every time we service your grease trap. Additionally, our office staff keeps a copy of all manifests on file for 5 years should you ever need proof of compliance.

We help minimize the chance of odors and backups for your restaurant, particularly when you sign up for an ongoing grease trap maintenance & jetting schedule. With almost a dozen trucks in our fleet, downed equipment will not interfere with consistent service for your restaurant.

We Recycle 100% of Collected Material

We offer "cradle to grave" indemnification. Unlike most haulers who do not have their own disposal facility, we can ensure that the material is recycled properly. Our state of the art facility turns challenging waste material into three things: clean water that is discharged to the City of Raleigh Wastewater Treatment Plant, dried food solids that composted, and rendered brown grease that is used for as feedstock for bunker fuel for ships. We are the only facility within 100 miles that effectively recovers this brown grease.

Having plants in Raleigh & Charlotte means less time trucking waste material on the road and less C02 emissions into the air we breathe, further contributing to a green approach to keeping your trap clean.

When, Why, and How Much?

Grease trap cleaning and pumping prices are based on size, access, and frequency dictated by municipality. For information about why your trap needs to be cleaned, when it should be serviced, or what size trap you may have, check out our detailed blog posts here:

Grease Trap Cleaning Frequency by Municipality
Why & How to Clean Grease Traps

For immediate pricing information, call us today: 919-817-6792 or email us:

Areas We Service

We're happy to provide grease trap cleaning services to the following areas. If you don't see your city listed, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll see if we can work together.

Chapel Hill
High Point
Winston Salem
Hampton Roads
Virginia Beach
Henrico County
Newport News