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Searching for professional grease trap cleaning in Chapel Hill, NC? Greasecycle® is 100% certified to haul your used cooking oil and grease trap waste. We recycle your waste at our facility, which is permitted NCDEQ, so not only are you cleaning your grease trap you're also helping the environment.

We have trained technicians to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, with little disruption to your food establishment. We provide services for restaurants, nursery homes, schools, and a wide variety of food establishments. If you're looking for services in a surrounding city, we offer grease inceptor cleaning in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Garner, and surrounding areas as well.

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More About Greasecycle® in Chapel Hill

Greasecycle® frequently services restaurants and commercial food establishments in Chapel Hill. We're a local company, with our head office located just a 33 miles East of Chapel Hill. We specialize in grease management and provide services for grease trap pumping as well as oil recycling.

When you work with us you'll have a trained technician show up to your business that will cater to your direct needs. They will customize grease management solutions to your specific kitchen. Using our professional experience we'll schedule you with a service frequency that will help you prevent drain backups and overflows.

You'll no longer have to worry about a potential grease overflow, allowing you to run your business without interruption.


How Do I know If My Grease Inceptor Needs Cleaning?

When you experience any of the following signs it's prudent to contact us to clean you grease trap:

  • Bad Smell - If you're experiencing an awful smell in your kitchen there's a good chance your grease trap needs cleaning. In fact, this is the strongest indicator of a dirty grease trap. It's prudent to clean you grease trap as soon as possible otherwise you may be have a grease overflow, which can result in interruptions to your business.
  • Slow Drainage - If your sinks are slow to drain there may be a blockage building up. In this case, your grease trap will need to be cleaned to remove the debris causing the blockage.
  • Water Levels - If you experience low water levels in your bathroom there is a possibility this is being caused by your grease interceptor. Give us a call today to avoid a grease blockage!

Why Do I Need to Clean My Grease Trap?

It is a local regulation that businesses require a grease trap in order to keep fat, oil, and grease from entering the local sewer system. Fat, oil, and grease can cause back-ups in your plumbing drains, which would lead to costly repairs as well as an interruption of business. Without proper maintenance of your interceptor it won't stop waste from entering the septic system or sewers. As a result, it's extremely important that you regularly clean you grease trap to keep it functioning efficiently.


Our Rates

Our pricing is affordable and based on the size, location, and frequency of visits required. For an accurate quote please inform us of the location and size of your grease interceptor.

Standard sizes for indoor grease interceptors are 30 gallons or 60 gallons.

Standard sizes for outdoor grease interceptors are 1000 gallons or 1500 gallons.

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Put Your Trust in Greasecycle®!

  • We remove all grease and food solids
  • We aim to service your establishment at times that minimize business interruption
  • We help your business stay in compliance with current regulations by leaving proper manifest paper work.
  • We maintain complete records of our service to your grease traps
  • Much of the material we remove is repurposed - used in anaerobic digestion to increase methane for electricity generation or as a soil amendment used for non-edible agriculture
  • Material that we cannot repurpose is safely disposed of at licensed facilities according to local regulations

Proudly Servicing the Following Areas:

Proudly providing grease trap cleaning services in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Henrico County, Newport News and Chesapeake.


Chapel Hill Area Information

Chapel Hill is a city located in Orange County, North Carolina. This city is famous for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and UNC Health Care. There is currently as estimated population of 58,000 and it is the 16th largest municipality in North Carolina

Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh make up the three corners of the Research Triangle, so named in 1959 with the creation of Research Triangle Park, a research park between Durham and Raleigh. Chapel Hill is one of the central cities of the Durham-Chapel Hill MSA, which in turn is part of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Combined Statistical Area, with a population of 1,998,808. Source From Wikipedia

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