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Looking for professional grease trap cleaning & pumping in Durham, NC? Then you've come to the right place! Greasecycle® serves the entire Durham area and surrounding cities such as Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Garner, Chapel Hill, and Wilmington. Whether you're looking for grease trap cleaning for a restaurant, school, nursing home, or industrial facility we're here to help.

Our trained technicians will pump out your grease trap and return it to our state of the art recycling facility where the mixture of grease, water, and food particles are processed into compost and biofuel. Learn more about our services and then give us a call to schedule your grease pumping today.

More About Greasecycle® in Durham

Greasecycle®: Professional Grease Pumping in Durham

Our trained technicians frequently service Durham area restaurants and commercial food establishments for their grease trap needs. When you work with Greasecycle® you're not only maintaining your grease traps, you're helping the planet. grease clog


Warning Signs Your Grease Trap Needs to Be Cleaned

If your grease trap in Durham is showing any of the following signs you should definitely contact us for cleaning:

  • Foul Odor - if you're experiencing a foul odor in your kitchen DO NOT WAIT to give us a call. This is the biggest sign that your grease trap might overflow.
  • Slow Drainage - If the water in your sink is slow to drain or completely blocked there is a good change your grease interceptor needs to be cleaned.
  • Low Water Level - A full grease interceptor can cause water levels in your toilets to be low.

How Often Should Your Grease Trap Be Cleaned?

According to the city of Durham, all removal systems must be cleaned on a monthly schedule. More frequent cleaning will be required if a user’s discharge contains more than 250 mg/L of fat, oil, and grease. Less frequent cleaning is permitted if it can be demonstrated to the City that the 250 mg/L limit can be met with the proposed cleaning schedule.

At Greasecycle® we schedule you with a service frequency that will help you prevent drain backups and overflows. With our automatic grease trap pumping, you set it and forget it.


How Are Our Services Priced?

ur pricing varies depending on the size, accessibility, and frequency of our visits. Our pricing per visit generally is reduced by more frequent visits. For the most accurate quote please let us know the location of your grease trap and its size.

Typical sizes for indoor grease interceptors are 30 gallons or 60 gallons

Typical sizes for outdoor grease interceptors are 1000 gallons or 1500 gallons

Additional Information

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Put Your Trust in Greasecycle®!

  • We remove all grease and food solids
  • We aim to service your establishment at times of the day that minimize any interruption of your business
  • We help your business stay in compliance with current regulations by documenting proper manifest paper work.
  • We maintain complete records of our service to your grease traps
  • Much of the material we remove is repurposed - used in anaerobic digestion to increase methane for electricity generation or as a soil amendment used for non-edible agriculture
  • Material that we cannot repurpose is safely disposed of at licensed facilities according to local regulations

Proudly Servicing the Following Areas:

Proudly providing grease trap cleaning services in Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Garner, and the entire Triangle area.


Durham Area Information

Durham, the county seat of Durham County is a city located in North Carolina, found in the centre of the Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area. The city’s population is estimated to be around 252,000. Durham, home to Duke University is the apex of the Research Triangle area, formed with Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

The name came to be when Research Triangle Park was created, which is comprised of many high-tech companies ad businesses. With a visit to Durham the possibility of seeing beautiful verdant atmospheres, museums suitable for all ages, and an ever expanding art and music scene is endless.