Our Mission: Pay the Most, Stay Local, Be Reliable, Build Sustainability.

We’re often asked: “What does Greasecycle do?”. In short: we take food waste material & turn it into renewable energy resources. The longer answer is that we service three different types of clients: restaurants/commercial kitchens, food manufacturers, and other pumpers.

Our restaurant partners enjoy a one-stop solution for collecting their used cooking oil, regularly scheduled grease trap pumping, line jetting maintenance, & automatically distributed quarterly oil reimbursement payments at top-dollar rates.

Local haulers appreciate the convenience of disposing at Greasecycle’s centrally located facilities offering competitive fees & flexible hours. Greasecycle is unique in that we also haul our own processed material, which means we’re able to pick up bulk oil from food manufacturers & distributors with less logistical coordination and costs than using a broker.

Our Story

In 2008, Founder & President, Dylan Gehrken, graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Economics and he quickly noticed that most of his peers were pursuing careers in three categories: finance, medicine, or law. Dylan knew he wanted to do something that all of these other people weren’t. After a year of searching for something that called to him, Dylan set out to start a waste-related business with a specific focus on helping conserve resources and build sustainability.

In 2009, Dylan started Greasecycle with a windowless van, a few blank contracts that he whipped up on his old college laptop, and a hunger to get all the grease in his neighborhood. In 2012 Greasecycle built its own processing facility in East Raleigh and has continued to expand, grow, and revolutionize the industry. What started as a lofty dream has turned into a reality.

Today, Greasecycle employs almost 50 employees and services most of the south east. Within a decade, Greasecycle went from just one man doing sales, accounting, and collections and morphed into a company with strong values, a fantastic team, a fleet of service vehicles (all with windows, of course), and thousands of loyal customers.

It is a dirty, smelly, and unglamorous job but it is meaningful work. Turning insidious waste streams into valuable low-carbon, sustainable resources brings our team great pride. Call us crazy but we love turning “gross” into gold!

Our Process

Our Team

Greasecycle is a well-oiled machine that credits so much of its success to the dedication & strength of our team, which is built around our 4 Core Values: Grit, Humility & Pride, Decisiveness, and Scrappiness. During the hiring process, we ensure that each addition to the team embodies these four characteristics to maintain our company culture & commitment to our customers.


Full-Time Staff

Although our part-time staff and interns are not listed here, they are just as crucial to our success as the full-time team members listed below.