Get Paid for Helping the Environment

Are you looking for used cooking oil recycling in High Point, NC? Greasecycle® is a professional cooking oil recycling company situated right here in North Carolina. Our team comprises of highly talented employees who possess a rich experience and in-depth knowledge on all matters regarding used oil recycling.

We are also certified by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to haul your used cooking oil.

Greasecycle® has a state-of-the-art oil recycling facility. We recycle all the oil that we’ve collected from restaurants and other businesses and convert it into compost and biofuel.


While some businesses see the used oil as waste, we see it as a money-making commodity. That's why we pay you to dispose of your used cooking oil! The payment is dependent on the amount of waste oil we collect from your establishment.

If you hire us for your waste oil collection services, the first thing we’ll do is set up a custom schedule based on your needs. We’ll then give you containers that you’ll use to store all your used oil in. The containers we provide are clean, secure, and are of high quality.

Greasecycle® is environmentally responsible. We always use an environmentally-sound process to recover sustainable value from the used cooking oil. Our services help keep your High Point kitchen safe, eco-friendly, and clean.

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What sets Greasecycle® apart?

Expect to enjoy many benefits if you work with us. One, we’ll give you the best price for your oil. Our consolidation of cooking oil recycling with compost and biofuel production allows us to offer top dollar for your used cooking oil.

Also, our specialist fleet of purpose-built and environmentally safe, vacuum loading trucks are efficient to save time and money. And that means more money over to you.

Two, we use your oil to make sustainable fuel. Other companies use your used oil to go to mass-produced animal feed or to create cheap cosmetics. At Greasecycle®, we recycle and process it at our state-of-the-art facility into clean-burning biodiesel.

Lastly, we offer outstanding client service. We pride ourselves on offering the best, fastest, most effective client service in High Point. If you hire us, we will provide professional service, routine maintenance, and free oil collection bins to you.

Greasecycle® and the Community

Greasecycle® is proud to support our local community. We have a program where Greasecycle® can set up a donation to your local school system whereby your quarterly check (or a portion thereof) is mailed directly to an office that receives donations for your local school system.

Greasecycle® also offers a program to support our veterans. Through the Wounded Warrior Project, we will be pleased to donate all or part of a partner restaurants quarterly check to the fund.

No money comes out of your pocket and yet your restaurant can generate funds that go to these two noble causes. Greasecycle® is excited to offer these methods of allowing our partner restaurants waste oil revenue to support worthy causes

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Proudly Servicing the Following Areas:

Proudly providing used cooking grease recycling services in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Virgina Beach, Roanoke, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Newport News, Chesapeake, Mechanicsville, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Henrico County.

High Point Area Information

High Point, sometimes referred to as the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World”, is currently the ninth largest municipality in North Carolina. It’s located in the Piedmont Triad region of the state of North Carolina.

The city is popularly known for its bus, textiles, and furniture manufacturing.

High Point provides residents and tourist many fun activities to engage in. To take in some culture in High Point, head to High Point Theatre. The theatre is the perfect venue for film festivals and movie nights.

Here, you’ll enjoy an eclectic mix of arts such as urban hip-hop performances, classical music recitals, rocks concerts, standup comedy nights, and even country music festivals.

To learn about the history of the city, visit the High Point museum. The museum is dedicated to sharing the city’s history, providing perspective for current issues, and strengthening the sense of community.

As the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World”, High Point is dotted with chests of drawers all over the city. These drawers stand 36 feet tall. The drawers’ craftsmanship is simply spectacular.

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