Used Cooking Oil Recycling

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More cash for you, less carbon for the environment.

From the outset, Greasecycle’s mission was to provide reliable used cooking oil services to its customers while paying top-dollar & generating the most value for renewable energy production. While Greasecycle has grown to include a range of services, UCO collection & processing remains at the core of what we do. We are able to collect and recycle most types of used cooking oil and restaurant grease, including: vegetable oil, fish oil, chicken fat, bacon grease & more.

Greasecycle provides a solution for every kitchen with customized collection schedules & a variety of oil containers, including installed units & theft-resistant bins, designed to fit your specific needs. We take pride in offering our customers the highest compensation through quarterly-generated oil reimbursements accounting for every gallon we collect from their accounts. And if going green isn’t enough, we also offer the option to donate reimbursement checks directly to the Wounded Warriors Project or the local public school system. Furthering the mission of turning waste oil into even meaningful good.

How It Works

Step 1: Chat with one of our relationship managers & choose from our range of oil collection containers to best suit your needs
Step 2: Schedule delivery of your new container
Step 3: Deposit waste oil into the Greasecycle container
Step 4: Allow our highly trained drivers to collect your oil based on a carefully calculated service schedule maintained by our dispatchers
Step 5: Take those top-dollar checks to the bank!

We have perfected our routing system to ensure your container will not overflow and you should not find your team calling in for service. Our regional service managers are dedicated to container maintenance including theft prevention, repairs, and keeping the containers as clean as possible.

Our Fleet

Secure, convenient, complimentary oil containers.

Work with your Relationship Manager to select one of our secure, easy-to-use used cooking oil containers. All outdoor containers come with lockable lids to deter grease theft.


Lockable Metal Drums with Optional Dolly

These 55 gallon drums are both secure and compact which make them suitable for a restaurant that disposes of 1-2 fryers per week. Our metal drums also provide an indoor option, fitting nicely under a three compartment sink and are available with a dolly. These containers are an ideal solution for a restaurant in a downtown area where outdoor space is limited or the corral area is tight.


215 Gallon Low-Profile Bin

Our newest oil collection innovation is the "Low-Pro": a 215 gallon most secure theft proof metal bin on the market. The Low-Pro is only 31” tall making it uniquely user-friendly to prevent spills while remaining as compact as possible. In addition, the Low-Pro has a curved outer lip ensuring that oil will drain into the container instead of creating damaging oil spills. This container is outfitted with grates instead of screens to prevent food build-up, helping oil easily flow into the container and eliminating oil backsplash. The 215 Low-Pro is best suited for a restaurant disposing 4 to 6 fryers per week.


125 gallon Heat Resistant and High Strength Plastic Bin

This lockable container is probably the easiest container to use. The light-weight design allows for easy movement of the container if needed. Additionally, this container is low slung at only 36” high, making depositing grease into the container safer for your staff. This solution is ideal for a restaurant that dumps 3 to 5 fryers per week.


300 gallon Metal Bin

This entire container is made of durable steel with state-of-the-art antitheft safeguards on the lid to protect your UCO asset. The size of this container makes for easy access for employees to dispose of grease preventing any potential oil spills. This 300 gallon container is configured to easily fit in your dumpster corral so it can stay out of customers’ sight. This container is perfect for a restaurant that has 6 or more fryers.


100 Gallon Metal Box

This is the most secure option for a small-medium volume restaurant. This leak proof metal container is lockable with anti-theft safeguards to protect your used cooking oil. The larger lid allows easy access for users to pour grease into the container, helping to prevent potential spills. The smaller size of the 100 gallon container means it can fit easily into crowded corrals. This bin works best for a restaurant that disposes of more than 2-4 fryers per week.

Plumbed-in Units

These plumbed units are our safest, cleanest & simplest oil collection option. Used Cooking Oil Plumbed Units are our best alternative to large outdoor disposal containers and they come in various forms. These units may include indoor or outdoor collection containers and can be secured by lockbox or they can be left accessible from the unit or a port in the wall. Because employees have zero direct contact with the oil, our Plumbed-in Units eliminate the potential for oil spills or injuries that can occur from disposing of hot oil. The system is automated and can even be pumped directly from fryers. NO oil spills = NO Injuries. We manage installation and offer a one-time training for your employees. Contact us today to see which of our Plumbed Units may be the best fit for your needs. 

Why Choose Greasecycle®

Professional Service

Our trained technicians have the experience to service your restaurant without interrupting your operations.


We've been operating since 2009 and have obtained a solid reputation by providing high quality services through our responsiveness and transparency.

Profit Margins

When you partner with us, we pay you for your used cooking oil. Allowing you to add on additional revenue stream to your business

Environmentally Friendly

Our company refines your used cooking oil and sources it as a feed stock into the biofuel industry. Not only are you making money, you're partnering with an environmentally conscious company. You are going green and making green at the same time!

One Stop Shop

We make things easy by providing a dependable and comprehensive waste management solution for all types of restaurant-related businesses in North Carolina. We also offer grease trap pumping services so you can work with one vendor and streamline your operations.

Areas We Service

With headquarters in Raleigh & Charlotte, we’re able to extend our services through all of NC and parts of the southeast including South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. Contact us today to see if we’re in your area!