Preventative Drain Jetting

Prevent Surprise Drain Overflows

Imagine your grease trap is overflowing into the parking lot and the city comes out and shuts your restaurant down… Losing revenue every minute the restaurant closed.

One way to prevent this from happening is an established routine jetting service.

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What is Jetting?

Jetting is a service used to keep drain lines clear of the debris that builds on the sides of the pipe walls. It dislodges material from catching in joints and small bends that could cause a backup. A utensil falling in the drain or food being pushed in the drain after closing are not a determining factor in preventive maintenance.

How does your preventative jetting maintenance program work?

When we service your grease trap, our technician will jet the lines from the grease trap to the trunk line of the kitchen.

We will also jet from the outlet of the grease trap to the sewer main or for at least 100 feet.

Two services at the same time means less interruption for your business.

We automatically schedule your service twice a year or four times a year, depending on your specific nee

Potential Costs Without Routine Jetting

  • Emergency grease trap pump - $450-600 depending on size trap
  • Emergency call to plumber to resolve the line stoppage- $500-1000
  • Lost Revenue of you being shut down (4-6 hours)- $100’s or $1000’s

Benefit of being proactive:

  • Cost of line jetting: $145 per service
  • Total = between $280-$580 per year

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I know and have worked with Chuck from Grease Cycle; He provides great service and cares about his customers. Grease Cycle is a good, local, green oriented company that servicing local restaurants

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I don't use Greasecycle for their services, but my customers do. I have referred business to them and they have always been prompt to call back. While networking in the hospitality industry, I always ask my customers what vendors they use, Greasecycle's name comes up most of the time, and with great feedback. Keep up the great work.

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Why Choose Greasecycle®

Professional Service

Our trained technicians have the experience to service your restaurant without interrupting your operations.


We've been operating since 2009 and have obtained a solid reputation by providing high quality services through our responsiveness and transparency.

Profit Margins

When you partner with us, we pay you for your used cooking oil. Allowing you to add on additional revenue stream to your business

Environmentally Friendly

Our company refines your used cooking oil and sources it as a feed stock into the biofuel industry. Not only are you making money, you're partnering with an environmentally conscious company. You are going green and making green at the same time!

One Stop Shop

We make things easy by providing a dependable and comprehensive waste management solution for all types of restaurant-related businesses in North Carolina. We also offer grease trap pumping services so you can work with one vendor and streamline your operations.

Areas We Service

With our head office based in Raleigh, we frequently provide cooking oil recycling services in and around the Raleigh and Charlotte.

Attention: Additional Free Advice

The simplest and cheapest thing you can do to prevent backups is make sure foreign objects don’t go down your drains. If you are missing any sink drains, you can go to this website to get almost any size: Drain Net

After you have confirmed that all your drains are protected, and you have confirmed that you are on an appropriate grease trap cleaning schedule, you can move to the final preventative step: establishing routine jetting maintenance. Having your drain lines routinely jetted 2-4 times per year is a simple, protective measure to ensure your business will not be interrupted and you will not be stung by hefty emergency rooter charges.