It comes as no surprise that Greenville, NC offers a plethora of excellent dining options, with a particular emphasis on locally-owned restaurants dedicated to bolstering the local business community.

Allow us to present our guide to the finest dining establishments in Greenville.

The Scullery

The word that encapsulates The Scullery is 'local.' With a dedicated commitment to sourcing their ingredients from nearby North Carolina establishments, The Scullery ensures that even their coffee, milk, and honey maintain a local connection.

While it may initially come across as a cozy coffee shop, The Scullery offers more than meets the eye. Their lunches and dinners are a delightful fusion of freshness and flavor. Expect to savor southern biscuits and gravy on one visit, only to be pleasantly surprised with tofu ramen-style soup on the next!

Starlight Café

At the Starlight Café, the menu is a tantalizing journey through global influences, offering a culinary experience that's hard to replicate elsewhere. The oyster bar is a standout feature, sourcing fresh oysters daily from the nearby coast and customizing them to suit each customer's preferences.

As for the entrees, they span the globe, with options ranging from Hungarian to Cajun, all while offering several delightful French and Belgian choices in between. Notably, their creative bartender has earned the bar its own acclaim.
a latte on the edge of a table
Starlight Café stands as one of the few places in the United States where you can savor Absinthe in the traditional fashion, adding a unique touch to their already remarkable offerings.

Sup Dogs

In every college town, there's a go-to spot for late-night cravings, and Sup Dogs stands as a shining example. Before diving into their enticing specialty dogs or burgers, take a moment to explore their appetizers, which are equally tempting.

The bacon cheese fries are a must-try, and the nachos bring a touch of local flair with their purple and gold chips, a nod to the nearby East Carolina University.

If you're in need of something to drink, consider trying the orange Sup Crush, a refreshing concoction blending fresh oranges with your choice of spirits. Alternatively, the Sup Swirl, a delightful fusion of frozen margarita and frozen sangria, will effortlessly carry you through those warm nights.

B’s Barbecue

B's embodies the essence of 'old school' in every way. With no phone, a cash-only policy, a building reminiscent of an aged shed, and a daily closure dictated by food supply, B's may seem like a blast from the past.

However, a visit to B's promises some of the finest Eastern North Carolina barbecue you'll ever taste. Anticipate savoring pulled pork with a tangy vinegar-based sauce, exquisitely grilled chicken, and delectable side dishes such as coleslaw, beans, and potatoes.
a cheeseburger and fries on a wooden slab
Timing is key when planning your visit, as this beloved establishment's popularity often results in an early closure, typically by 1 pm on weekdays, despite their impressive output of barbecued pigs each week.

A trip to B's feels like a journey through time, and it's an experience you'll cherish forever.


While Winslow’s Deli, Tavern, and Market certainly offer delectable cuisine, their true allure lies in their exceptional beverage selection. Winslow’s takes immense pride in hosting one of the most extensive lists of beer, wine, bourbon, and whiskey collections in the region.

With an impressive lineup of 46 taps, they pour a diverse array of American craft beers, including seasonal choices and microbrewed specialties. The ambiance strikes a harmonious balance between chic and inviting, featuring exposed brick walls and wooden beams.

On pleasant days, patrons have the option to dine on the serene patio, enhancing the overall experience

Cinnamon 419

Despite its misleading name, Cinnamon 419 is far from a bakery. Cinnamon is just one of the many spices you'll encounter here, as it's actually an Indian restaurant.

Their menu boasts an array of beloved Indian classics, including samosas and pakoras as appetizers, a tempting kebab sampler, a variety of biryanis, an extensive selection of vegetarian dishes, and succulent meats straight from their own tandoor.
a wicker basket full of naan
Notably, they craft their own naan, with the peshwari naan being a standout choice, generously stuffed with raisins, nuts, and coconut

Basil’s Restaurant

Basil's menu is a delightful fusion of Greek, Italian, and New York-Italian flavors. Vegetarian enthusiasts will relish the bountiful salad options, while carnivores can indulge in a selection of 'infused burgers' – burgers generously stuffed with cheese and other delectable toppings.

Those yearning for a taste of Rome should explore the pasta and pizza choices, while those with a hankering for the Big Apple can savor the hot oven subs. For a truly unique culinary experience, don't miss the Chef's features menu, where you'll find something refreshingly different.

Anchalee Thai Restaurant

While Greenville may not be the first place that comes to mind for authentic Thai cuisine, Anchalee Thai restaurant defies expectations with its genuine Thai flavors. The interior is adorned with charming Thai elements that beautifully complement the menu.

Anchalee boasts a delightful array of curries, and the skilled chefs are more than willing to adjust the spiciness of your dish to your liking. Additionally, their proximity to the ocean allows them to feature an exciting selection of seafood dishes.

Vegetarians will appreciate their dedicated menu, and be sure to save room for dessert, where you can indulge in the delectable sticky mango rice.

Bottom Line

Greenville is a great place to live and eat! With its selection of restaurants there is something for everyone. Tourists and locals alike flock to the food options provided in Greenville.

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