Ever want to see if the company you pay to pump out your grease trap is actually doing what they are charging you for? Pumping out grease traps creates a strong odor. So it is really in everyone’s best interest if it is done off hours. But other than the bill the company sends you, how do you know the job is getting done?

Well, on the day that the trap was pumped, all you have to do is open up the manhole cover and see if the trap is empty or not. Doesn’t that require some kind of special tool? Well yes it does, but if you are a McGyver fan, this post will definitely be for you because I will show you how to open up a man-hole cover with some clamps, a hammer, and a screw driver.

2.Grab One Side of Pliers

3.Insert into half moon notch in lid (see notch in above photo)

What is not shown in photo above is my hand on bottom of one side of pliers. Pliers are being used simply as a wedge, you are not gripping the pliers. If you have a flat head screwdriver, this would be a good time to insert it in the crack and pull down so that you have more space in which you can insert the hammer claw. I of course did not have a screwdriver with me because I am such a McGyver fan.

4.Wedge in claw side of hammer

The lip of man-hole acts as a fulcrum for the wedge that you are using (one side of pliers). Insert claw side of hammer in crack between man-hole lip and lid. Continue pushing down on pliers to create enough space to push claw as far in as possible.

5.Rotate hand of hammer away from center of man-hole lid and grab manhole lid (be careful!)

There you have it. Now you can make sure the job is getting done right. If the job is not getting done right, give us a call and we would happy to service your grease trap.