1.Stop the source leak. If it is coming from a leaking bucket, sloppy pours into a grease container, or any other source, stop the underlying source of the grease or oil first before starting to clean up.

2.If the spill is fresh, the oil will keep spreading so the best thing to do is create a makeshift berm to stop it from spreading. You can use a garden hose to lay around the perimeter of the spill to stop it from spreading.Do not try to hose down the spill…it will only spread!

3.Absorb the grease with some kind of dry bulking agent. Kitty litter or saw dust is ideal. If you don’t have that try flower, mulch, or straw.

4.After greasy material has been soaked up, apply a degreaser and work into porous surface with a thick bristled brush. Hose down, mop, or powerwash.