Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a city rich in history and culture. It boasts a vibrant culinary scene that caters to diverse palates. From traditional Southern comfort food to exotic international cuisines, Fayetteville's top restaurants offer an array of flavors and experiences.

Let’s explore the best restaurants in Fayetteville NC and their unique offerings.

1. Huske Hardware House Restaurant and Brewery: A Gastropub Delight

Huske Hardware House, an icon in the dining scene of Fayetteville NC, combines the charm of a historic building with a modern gastropub's flair.

Renowned for its beers brewed on-site, Huske Hardwear also offers a menu featuring a fusion of traditional and contemporary food. Their signature brews and hearty meals make it a must-visit for locals and visitors alike.

2. Circa 1800: Farm-to-Table Elegance

Nestled in the heart of the city, Circa 1800 showcases the best of farm-to-table eating.

The restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients to create meals that are both innovative and comforting. Their seasonal menu ensures a fresh and ever-changing experience, perfectly paired with their hand-selected wine list.

3. Luigi's Italian Chophouse and Bar: A Taste of Italy

Luigi's is a family-run establishment that brings the essence of Italian cuisine to Fayetteville NC. With a warm, inviting atmosphere, Luigi's offers a wide range of Italian classics.

Their dinner menu ranges from homemade pasta to perfectly cooked steaks, all complemented by an extensive selection of wines. Their commitment to quality and authenticity makes every meal a memorable one.

Three friends toasting three glasses of wine together

4. Southern Sizzle: Classic Southern Comfort

Embracing the heart and soul of Southern cuisine, Southern Sizzle serves up comfort food at its best. Here, you can indulge in classics like fried chicken, BBQ ribs, and creamy grits, all made with traditional recipes and a touch of home-style cooking.

5. Olea Mediterranean Kitchen: A Delicious Journey

Olea Mediterranean Kitchen offers a culinary journey through the Mediterranean. With courses inspired by Greek, Lebanese, and other Mediterranean cuisines, Olea's menu brings a vibrant selection of flavors and textures, all with impeccable service.

Their meze platter and freshly baked pita bread are not to be missed.

6. Pierro's Italian Bistro: Classic Italian with a Modern Twist

Pierro's Italian Bistro serves classic Italian dishes with a contemporary twist. Their innovative approach to Italian cooking, combined with a cozy ambiance, makes for a delightful experience.

Whether it’s their unique pasta or their handcrafted cocktails, Pierro's is sure to leave a lasting impression on each of their patrons.

7. The Friends Table: Cozy and Comforting

The Friends Table is known for its casual atmosphere and comfort food and drinks. It’s a place where friends and families come together to enjoy hearty meals in a home-like setting. Their menu, featuring classics like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, brings a sense of nostalgia and warmth to the cozy dining area.

A couple of friends laughing and drinking

8. Bubba's 33: Sports, Burgers, and More

Bubba's 33 is the perfect spot for sports enthusiasts. With its lively atmosphere and array of TVs, guests can enjoy watching their favorite sports while indulging in American classics like burgers, pizza, and wings. Bubba's 33 is all about good times and great food.

9. 316 Oyster Bar: A Seafood Haven

For seafood lovers, 316 Oyster Bar is a must-see when you visit Fayetteville. Specializing in fresh seafood, the restaurant offers everything from oysters and shrimp to fish and crab legs.

The casual yet sophisticated setting makes it ideal for both family dinners and special occasions.

10. The Diner Deluxe: Retro-Chic American Cuisine

Service in the Diner Deluxe reimagines the classic American diner experience. It features a menu that blends traditional diner favorites with inventive new meals, all served in an atmosphere that combines nostalgic charm with contemporary style.

Expect to find elevated versions of diner classics like burgers and shakes, along with creative daily specials.

11. Mac's Speed Shop: An Unlikely Pair

Mac's Speed Shop combines the world of motorcycles with delicious BBQ.

This unique fusion creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Their smoked meats, served with a complimentary array of craft beers, make Mac's a favorite among places to eat for bike enthusiasts and BBQ lovers.

Meat cooking on a barbeque

12. The Greenhouse Café: Health-Conscious Dining

Specializing in healthy and vegetarian-friendly options, The Greenhouse Café is a haven for those seeking nutritious yet delicious eats.

The café prides itself on using fresh, organic ingredients to create flavorful salads, wraps, smoothies, and more. It's a perfect spot for a light lunch or a health-conscious meal.

13. Mission BBQ: American BBQ at Its Finest

Mission BBQ stands out with its dedication to American BBQ traditions. Known for its slow-cooked meats and awesome homemade sauces, the establishment also pays tribute to American heroes, making it a place of both delicious food and patriotism. Their brisket, ribs, and pulled pork are local favorites.

14. Texas Roadhouse: Traditional American Steakhouse

Known for its lively atmosphere and hand-cut steaks, Texas Roadhouse offers a quintessential American steakhouse experience. The restaurant is famous for its ribs, prepared-from-scratch sides, and fresh-baked bread. With a casual, family-friendly environment, it's a popular choice for those seeking hearty, American fare.

15. Antonella's Italian Ristorante: Authentic Italian Cuisine

Antonella's Italian Ristorante offers a true taste of Italy in the heart of Fayetteville NC. This restaurant is celebrated for its authentic Italian dishes, ranging from classic pasta to exquisite seafood menu.

The warm, inviting atmosphere complements the traditional recipes, making it a favorite for both date night or family lunch time. Antonella's dedication to authentic flavors and ingredients creates a genuine Italian dinner experience.

A full restaurant dinner table

16. Mash House Brewery & Restaurant: Craft Beer and American Cuisine

The Mash House Brewery & Restaurant is known for its unique combination of craft beer brewed in-house and an extensive menu featuring American classics with a twist. Emphasizing fresh, local ingredients, the restaurant offers a range of dishes from gourmet burgers to inventive entrées.

The casual yet sophisticated atmosphere makes it a popular spot for both beer enthusiasts and foodies. The Mash House stands out for its commitment to quality, both in its brews and its culinary offerings.


Fayetteville's restaurant scene is a dynamic and diverse culinary landscape, offering something for every taste and occasion. The next time you're visiting Fayetteville, you’ll know just what restaurants to go to for some good food and great service!