Charlotte’s dining scene is vibrant, eager, growing, and worth visiting. Here you will find some of the best restaurants and eat from possibly the best chef you've ever experienced!

The city of Charlotte has expanded to offer something for everyone, from high-end nouveau-style kitchens to ethnic eateries and casual grills and comforting soul food.

There is delicious food for everyone in Charlotte, whether you're looking for the best french onion soup in town, fresh seafood, or simply a cocktail bar.

The following are the best restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can be sure of a stellar service experience in these dining rooms and a taste of the city that you just can’t miss with these 18 places.

1.   Halcyon, Flavors from the Earth

Halcyon, Flavors from the Earth is one of the best restaurants to enjoy dinner or to host a private event. It features a naturally rustic décor that reflects the focus on simple food goods. Its name comes from the Greek goddess, Halcyon, who turned into a bird and whose Winter Solstice mating ritual inspired harmony across the oceans.

Here, you can enjoy a variety of tasty foods and great service from executive Chef Jonathan Moore. For example, roasted asparagus, saffron couscous, and Moroccan spiced chickpeas. You can also indulge in grass-fed beef filet mignon served with Pommes de Terre, Farmers’ Market Basket, and Filet of Frivolity.

2.   Basil Thai

Basil Thai restaurant is a uptown Charlotte favorite with an alluring cosmopolitan atmosphere, great. to enjoy with friends on a night out. It’s celebrated by many and considered by most people as the best Thai restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

This Charlotte restaurant offers a full spectrum of delicious curries, braised vegetables, and noodles – all available with your choice of just veg-style, poultry, meats, or fish.

Specialties include the traditional “Volcano Shrimp,” “Crispy Red Curry Duck,” and “Pad Thai.” Exotic cocktails provide the perfect accompaniment, while the delightful salads and rice and noodles also receive rave reviews.

3.   Good Food on Montford

Good Food on Montford is one of Charlotte’s newest restaurants. It’s owned by Bruce Moffett, who also owns Stagioni and Barrington’s. If you want to enjoy a mouth-watering plate in a relaxing and warm atmosphere, this is the place to be.

You can start with small plates such as the scallop butternut squash risotto or the American farmhouse cheeses with truffle chutney. Then you can move on to the flounder, accompanied by a tasty root vegetable cake, or pork tenderloin served with fried macaroni and cheese.


4.   Bistro La Bon

Bistro La Bon’s “edible art” is a must for diners with a discerning food taste. The restaurants ability to blend texture, flavor, and presentation is amazing. The menu features made-from-scratch pastries, gnocchi, and breads, as well as farmers market-fresh fare.

Here, you can start with black risotto with curry red lentil hummus or calamari fusilli. After you are done with the starters, continue with entrees such as filet mignon with sweet potato gratin and russet or caraway crusted Scottish salmon with warm Mediterranean vegetables.

5.   Barrington’s

The first of Bruce Moffett’s restaurants, Barrington’s has earned several accolades as an ideal destination for foodies. It serves simply perfect plates in an inviting, elegant and relaxing setting.

It’s smaller compared to most restaurants in Charlotte (it seats under 50). But here, you can enjoy some of the best creations Bruce Moffett is popularly known for. You can enjoy plates like pancetta-wrapped rabbit tenderloin, herb-rubbed veal with potato-bacon dumpling, and organic chicken with creamy mashed potatoes.

6.   Luce

Luce is located at the base of the Hearst Tower. Original artwork and lovely Murano glass enhance its appeal. The kitchen specializes in Tuscan cuisine. Its plates range from flavorful meats, fresh pasta, and fish to mozzarella layered between fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil.

You may also try the Agnolotti ala Piemontese (ravioli stuffed with parmesan, Swiss chard, and roasted veal).


7.   Upstream

If cutting-edge cuisine is what you seek, you don’t have to stick to Uptown. Upstream is a tremendous place that proves that venturing out has its own reward.

Here, you can enjoy a variety of tasty dinner options. They include chestnut-crusted wild Scottish salmon with sweet potato gnocchi and miso-marinated Hawaiian Monchong.

Lovers of sushi will also have a great time here. If you are one, make sure to try Mango Ceviche and Jumbo Shrimp. There is also the brick oven-roasted Carolina Quail and much more for all other palates.

8.   Oak Steakhouse Charlotte

Oak Steakhouse Charlotte is located in the SunTrust Building at Sharon Square. It’s a modern take on a classic American steakhouse. Chauffeured by Executive Chef Alex Jenkins, the restaurant offers contemporary meal options alongside steakhouse classics.

Head here if you love to enjoy delicious meals in an executive setting. You’ll especially enjoy their prime certified Angus beef.

9.   South Bound

This restaurant is your getaway in the heart of Charlotte. Expect Baja Fish, Pork Pastor, Tacos with Carne Asada, and Seafood Ceviche.

Guests can also experience their icy beverages and stock-car-fast service to get them through the weekend.


10. Resident Culture Brewing

Resident Culture Brewing is a hidden gem of Charlotte, NC. Its beers are a neighborhood welcome in a glass. The menu is full of barrel-aged beauties, hoppy IPAs, and wild ferments.

11. Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor is owned by Joe and Katy Kindred. They so happen to also be the family behind the hit restaurant, Kindred in Davidson. Here, you can eat your savory dishes either inside or out back at a waterfront deck space that includes year-round seating in a heated patio.

Hello Sailor is popularly known for their beach-worthy cocktails such as no-frills 40-ounce Miller High Life bottles and Cherry Lemon Sundrop Negroni Slushies.

12. The Suffolk Punch at Hyde Brewing

The Suffolk Punch is a culinary café, tap house, and coffee bar that is located on-site at a craft brewery on the Rail Trail. The Suffolk Punch at Hyde Brewing isn’t only good for brews. You can also get all your meal servings.


13. O-Ku

It’s not easy to find great sushi, but you can taste its done well at South End’s O-Ku. The executive chef at this Japanese restaurant is none other than Michael Chanthavong.

For the ocean-averse, not all food items are raw. You can enjoy dishes made with wagyu beef, pork belly, and duck meat.

14. Stagioni

Locals love it here. It’s the third restaurant for Moffett Restaurant group, following critically-acclaimed Charlotte, NC Restaurants Good Food on Montford and Barrington’s.

The menu here is unique and the food presentation and flavor is excellent. The interior ambiance is elegant and inviting. If you love pasta, this Italian restaurant is the place to be.

15. Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence continues to impress. The menu focuses on Southern French, Northern Spanish, and Northern Italian cuisine. In addition to the food, they also offer French, Spanish, and Italian wines.


16. Let’s Meat

Let’s Meat is among the list of new restaurants in Charlotte. It offers an immersive, hands-on dining experience where you can cook your own food using burners that are built-in on the tables.

The menu includes savory dishes like P3 garlic pork belly and B3 bulgogi.

17. Holler & Dash

Owned by Cracker Barrel County Store, Holler & Dash is a fast-casual biscuit restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, weekend brunch, and lunch.

Popular options to try here include the Kickback Chicken Signature biscuit and Chicken. Set. Go. Signature biscuit.

The Kickback Chicken Signature Biscuit includes sweet pepper, green onion, goat cheese, and chicken. The Chicken. Set. Go. Signature biscuit includes sorghum, jalapeno, pimento cheese, and fried chicken.


Haymaker is a farm-focused restaurant by Chef William Dissen. The dining room features a cool chef’s table overlooking the open kitchen, mezzanine-level seating and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows.

A small plate gets you pickled chilis, brown butter vinaigrette, manchego, and farm and sparrow grits. A large plate will get you miso butter, onion rings, roasted sunchokes, and broccolini.


These 18 best restaurants in Charlotte clearly prove that the dining scene in Charlotte is flavorsome and vibrant. If you want to be entertained and enjoy sophisticated flavors in luxurious surroundings, these 18 restaurants should get you started. These Charlotte restaurants are simply the best in. Try them out!