About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

We collect used cooking oil, refine it and source it as a feed stock into the biodiesel industry. We also pump out and clean restaurant grease traps. We then render out the usable brown grease from this mixture of water, food solids, and grease. This brown grease is then sold as bunker fuel for ships. The wastewater is processed, and the food solids are composted.

Providing restaurants with clean, secure, and easy to use oil collection containers helps keep the restaurants clean and safe. At the same time, pumping out and the cleaning the grease traps keeps the restaurant compliant with their local municipality and free of bad odors or drain backups that can be quite disruptive to their business. These combined services keep the restaurant clean, green, and the consolidation of these two services eliminate a few of the many headaches that inevitably arise from running a successful restaurant.

How We Got Started

My name is Dylan Gehrken. When I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2008 with a Degree in Economics, I noticed that all of my smartest friends were either going into finance, medicine, or law.

I thought to myself. I want to do something that all of these very smart and ambitious people aren’t doing. So following this line of thought to its logical conclusion, I set out to start some type of waste related business that helps conserve resources. So in 2009, I started Greasecycle®. It is a dirty, smelly, unglamorous business. It started out with just me doing sales, accounting, and collections in a creepy windowless van. Now we have 1500 accounts, 15 full and part time employees, and 5 service vehicles. We turn challenging insidious waste streams into valuable low carbon resources. Call me crazy, but there is something about this fundamental nature of the business that I really just love. We make the dirty clean and the ugly beautiful.

Who We Are (Full Time Staff)

Our part-time staff and interns are not listed here, but they are just as crucial to our success as the full-time team members.

Dylan Gehrken

Dylan started Greasecycle® and does whatever it is that presidents do. Fun fact about Dylan: he is really into gardening, cycling, and lifting weights. And of course, he is very interested in getting grease!

Stephen Pierce
Head Plant Operator

Stephen processes all the material that our route drivers collect from your restaurant. His skills and hard work are crucial to Greasecycle®’s success because we can’t pump out more material if we can’t process it. He recently got married. And he has a unique background in the wastewater processing industry --- Steve is a rare find!

Chuck Hackney
Account Relationship Manager

Chuck Hackney has worked at Greasecycle® for 6 years. He is a fantastic salesman who loves to build lasting relationships with our restaurant partners. He has a background in the restaurant industry working for Marriott Food Services for over a decade.

Jane Rego

Jane sends you your invoice for grease trap pumping. She also sends you your checks for the oil we collect. Jane has a diverse background. Some highlights are that she worked for the police in Rhode Island for over a decade. Fun fact about Jane, she lived in Bermuda for many years.

Anthony Mair
Day Route Driver

Anthony is our million gallon man. He has worked at Greasecycle® for 5 years, and over that period of time has collected over a million gallons! He is quick, clean, and diligent. Fun fact about Anthony is that he has a background in the paper recycling business and is also originally from Jamaica.

Lawrence Alston
Night Route Driver

Lawrence runs our routes at night so that we can service restaurants with minimal interruption. He is very consistent and courteous. Fun fact about Lawrence is that he used to work for the DOT, keeping our roads clear in snow storms. So the same guy who was keeping your roads clear, is now keeping your grease traps clear and free from backups!

Marcus Myatt
Day Route Driver

Marcus has worked at Greasecycle® for several years. He is quick and consistent and you can always count on him to have a big smile on his face. Fun fact about Marcus, he used to work in the Porta Potty industry. According to Marcus, some grease traps smell worse that porta potties. He is also a Deacon at his church.

Brandon Pace
Route Dispatcher

If you call the number on any of our trucks, containers, or contracts, you probably are going to speak with this guy. Pretty cool to call a waste company and not speak with some call center. When you call us, you talk to the guy who makes the decisions of which accounts get serviced when. He puts our routes together, relays crucial details with each driver, and works with a partner restaurants to address any concerns they might have. Brandon went to ECU where he was a Varsity Golfer.

James Lancaster
Account Relationship Manager, Internship Program Director

James interned with us for 2 Summers when he was a student at NC-State. He did such a good job that when he graduated, we hired him to come work here full time. On top of doing sales and relationship management, he recruits, trains, and manages college interns for the summertime. Fun fact about James, he is an avid golfer and loves going to the beach.

Justin Grich
Chief Operations Officer

Justin has worked at Greasecycle® for 6 years. He was one of our first hires and is now a part owner of the company. He maintains all of our equipment, and manages all the operations at our plant. Fun fact about Justin, he is an Eagle Scout and loves to fish.

Justin Jerome
Head Driver

Justin Jerome, “JJ,” runs routes like all the other drivers. But on top of that, he is responsible for managing all the other drivers and doing payroll. He is very sharp and thoughtful about how to take care of restaurants in the most efficient and courteous way. He has a background as a manager at Sam’s Club as well as a Hydra Seeding business in Pennsylvania. We are very fortunate to have JJ as he moved himself and his entire family down from PA.