• We pay you when we recycle your spent cooking oil. 

    • We’re local, based in Raleigh, so grease trap cleaning and used cooking grease pickup is just around the corner.

    • We’re a green-company focused on recycling your waste cooking grease into a renewable bio fuel.

    • We're 100% certified to haul your used cooking oil and grease trap waste. We recycle it at our facility that is permitted by NCDEQ.

    • We maintain & pump your grease trap, avoiding spills and minimizing odors in restaurants. We schedule you with a service frequency that will help you prevent drain back ups and overflows. With our automatic grease trap pumping, you set it and forget it. 

    • We provide all-plastic or all-metal, state-of-the-art containers that are easy to clean and maintain, featuring a lock to prevent theft. 

    • We cater directly to your unique needs, customizing grease management solutions to your specific kitchen.

    • Let our professionals save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your business. Call today @ 919-817-8706 !

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